Chroma Journal Acceptance

Excited to share my recent paper “Building Musical Systems: An Approach Using Real-Time Music Information Retrieval Tools” through the Chroma Journal, Volume 39 – ElectroMUSE.” The theme, ElectroMUSE, relates to the Muse of Ancient Greek mythology. These are nine goddesses who preside over the arts and science and were the source of inspirational fire forContinue reading “Chroma Journal Acceptance”

Horde Presentation

From the International Game Developers Association, Baton Rouge Chapter: “Meetup is next week!This month, our speaker is Austin Franklin, creator of the game Horde. Horde is a unique game, controlled with sound by any number of improvising musicians simultaneously with the goal of earning as many points as possible within the time limit. *We wouldContinue reading “Horde Presentation”

Australasian Computer Music Conference 2023

My recent research titled Building Musical Systems: An Approach Using Real-TimeMusic Information Retrieval Tools has been accepted to the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2023. I’m excited to give a talk over this work at UNE Sydney in October and share it with others. If you’re interested in reading the paper click the link above.

Horde: The Tournament

Reminder: Today is the Horde game tournament at 5pm at Main Library on Goodwood Boulevard. We will have an acoustic guitar and full-sized keyboard for those playing those instruments, otherwise you will need to bring your own. We will also be providing extension cables and power strips for those needing amplification.You will be paired intoContinue reading “Horde: The Tournament”

Horde: The Game Premiere

Horde: The Game had its soft premiere tonight and the Hopkins Black Box Theater in Baton Rouge, LA. It turned out really well thanks to the improvising musicians Treya Nash and Drew Farrar, along with the incredible graphic design work of Wood Elf Nick. Check out the soft premiere video here: Horde: The GameContinue reading “Horde: The Game Premiere”

That’s a Wrap: The Consortium Edition

Final update about the consortium: The premiere at Western Oregon University of The Theory of Motion was performed beautifully by the ensemble last week. We spent the early part of the week building a custom set of bass wind chimes loosely tuned to important pitch centers throughout the piece. I also gave my first presentationContinue reading “That’s a Wrap: The Consortium Edition”