Austin Franklin (b. 1995) is an internationally recognized composer and sound artist based in Baton Rouge, LA. His interests include music involving process, such as algorithmic composition, generative music, and music incorporating machine learning technologies. His self-released album, Four Idols, has been described as “an elegant, artistic statement that demonstrates the flexible possibilities of electronic music” (The Sybaritic Singer).

Austin’s interest in music began in high school as a percussionist. During those four years he developed a passion for various styles of music and percussion instruments, which eventually led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music from Lamar University in Beaumont, Tx. During his time at Lamar helped found The Lunch Combo, a student led jazz quartet that is still an active presence in the community. Austin began composing during his second year at Lamar University after an injury prevented him from practicing for more than a year. He eventually changed his focus from performance to composition, and after graduating he attended Louisiana State University where he received his master’s in music composition. He is now currently pursuing a PhD in Experimental Music & Digital Media from Louisiana State University.

As a composer, he has attended master classes and studied with a wide range of prominent composers such as Nick Rissman, David Maslanka, Yotam Haber, Jennifer Jolley, Tõnu Kõrvitz, Michael Daugherty, Shuying Li, Dinos Constantinides, Mara Gibson, Edgar Berdahl, Stephen Beck, and Jesse Allison. In 2016, he attended the UMKC Summer Composition Workshop and worked with Christopher Biggs, Jim Mobberley, and Paul Rudy.

Austin has several pieces for percussion published through C Alan Publications and his music has been performed throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. He is the recipient of several awards and commissions, including the PARMA Winter Call for Scores, the Dead Resonance Call for Aleatoric Scores, the First Annual LSU Composition Competition, CNME Call for Scores. His music has also been selected for festivals and conferences such as Yes We Cannibal (2021), The Collaborative Piano Institute (2021), New Music on the Bayou (2021), Splice Institute (2021), NYCEMF (2021), Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology (2020), Alba Music Festival (2020), Society of Composers Incorporated (2020), Electric LaTex (2019), and the Sound/Sight Art Collaboration (2018). His String Quartet No. 1 “Lanterns” was also recently aired on the Viva 21st Century 50/50 Marathon on Classical Discoveries with Marvin Rosen (2020). Austin has also presented research at the Web Audio Conference (2021) that explores using Web API’s as the basis for designing digital instruments, and at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (2019) Conference that involves simultaneous auditory and vibrotactile stimuli.

Austin is currently instructor of record for the MUS 2745 Intro to Computer Music course at Louisiana State University which covers a wide range of topics from using digital audio workstations, electroacoustic music history, and the principles of sound design and digital audio. He is also the author of the Using Studio One video tutorial series on YouTube and the associate editor for The Sybaritic Singer, a blog devoted to new music and new music criticism.

For more information, please reach out to Austin directly through his Contact page.