Browse the collection of software patches and code made in various other programs created for demonstrations, past projects, and pieces. Click on a title to be taken to a repository that contains all required software materials and instructions on how to run and use it. Use the contact page if you have any issues or need further instructions for operation, or if you would like to see a particular program or algorithm written for this list.

  • Markov Chain – A 2nd order markov model built in Max/MSP that generates melodies from MIDI files.
  • Risset Rhythm – A Max/MSP program that demonstrates the famous endlessly increasing or decreasing musical tempo pioneered by Jean-Claude Risset.
  • Phase Cancellation – A Max/MSP program that demonstrates constructive and deconstructive interference.
  • Karplus-Strong – A Max/MSP program that demonstrates the famous Karplus-Strong plucked string algorithm.
  • Heterodyning – A Max/MSP program that demonstrates the famous heterodyning technique.
  • Algorithmic Composition Template – A Max/MSP program that generates and improvises rhythms.
  • The Freesound Player v1.5.1 – The Freesound Player program written in Max/MSP and Node.js.
  • SNAFU – The Max/MSP program written for SNAFU.
  • The Algo-Rhythm – A Max/MSP program used to randomly generate improvising drum grooves and melodies.
  • Gibbs Phenomenon – A Python script that demonstrates synthesizing a square wave from multiple sine waves and the famous Gibbs Phenomenon.
  • Convolution – A Python script that demonstrates the convolution of .wav files. The code contains close, middle, and far impulse response files and sample audio files.
  • Concatenation – A Python script that demonstrates concatenating 2-D arrays and rendering those to stereo .wav files simultaneously.
  • Conway’s Game of Life – A Python script that generates Conway’s GOL using custom rule sets. The script also writes the game outcome to a MIDI file to be imported into a DAW.
  • Infinite Scrolling Canvas – A CodePen that demonstrates infinite omni-directional scrolling using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Animating Language – A CodePen that demonstrates animating input text in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Flickering Images with Sound – A CodePen that demonstrates flickering images paired with audio samples in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You will need to update the HTML file with your own audio file sources before running it.
  • Tone.js Sampler – A simple sampler written in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Tone.js that applies reverb to audio files.
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