This is a collection of software patches made in Max/MSP, Pure Data, and various other programs used for content creation. Click on the title to be taken to a repository that contains all required software materials and instructions on how to run and use it.

  • Audio Feature Extractor – A Max/MSP patch that extracts information from audio signals.
  • Heterodyning – A Max/MSP patch that demonstrates the heterodyning technique.
  • Mass Mind – The Max/MSP patch used in the piece Mass Mind for voice and live electronics.
  • Music for Keys – The Max/MSP patch used in the piece Music for Keys.
  • The Algo-Rhythm – A patch used to generate and modify drum grooves and melodies.
  • Bangzz – A Max/MSP patch that gives the user more control over sending bang messages.
  • grab~ – A bpatcher created in Max/MSP that does various things with the recording/buffering/playback process.
  • Drip – A Max/MSP patch used for the piece Drip for 2-channel fixed media.
  • Randrum (coming soon) – The Pure Data patch used in the Randrum sound-art installation.
  • The Player Record (coming soon) – The Pure Data patch used in The Player Record sound-art installation.
  • The Live Electronic improvisor (coming soon) – A Max/MSP patch used for live signal processing during improvised performances. Uses the real-time, interactive machine learning software Wekinator.