Concentric Circles

Performed by Jacob Ottmer, Audrey Hudgens, and Stephanie Pestana
Schematic for Technical Setup

Year: 2021 | Duration: 10′ | Chamber Ensemble with live electronics

Full score available on Scores page


  • Percussion: crotales, vibraphone
  • Cello
  • Piano


Concentric Circles is a piece that explores overlapping patterns and cycles. It revolves around an initial harmonic progression that descends by step and is varied upon each repetition. Throughout the piece new patterns are introduced or layered on top of existing patterns. The electronics operate by analyzing and averaging data from all players simultaneously, among other processes. This creates new patterns and interactions between performers throughout the piece. These patterns evolve throughout the piece until they transform back into the opening statement.

Technical Requirements

  • Four-channel audio interface
  • 4 large diaphragm microphones
  • Loudspeakers (stereo is preferred)
  • Computer Running Max/MSP Patch

Microphones should correspond to the input on the interface provided in score (1-4). Inputs 3 and 4 should be used on the low and high register of the piano, respectively. Microphone placement will generally work best closest to the instrument (or inside of the piano) but any position that captures the full range of the instrument is sufficient. An attempt should be made to place microphones in a position that does not capture other instruments or reduces the amount of bleed-over from other instruments as much as possible. Loudspeakers should be positioned in front of the ensemble to prevent feedback.


Jacob Ottmer