Works In Progress

The proposed project is an album of 5-7 pieces written in MaxMSP, with each piece having different compositional aims and technological requirements. The pieces and their description/developmental phases are described below:


Drip (2020) is a fixed media piece written in Max/MSP. It explores delay, feedback, and ring modulation, as well as glitch-based artifacts.


Sunbeam (2020) is an experimental piece that attempts to create a unifying musical language while blurring the lines between rhythm, timbre and pitch. It was written in MaxMSP using a digital instrument called aaf.nanoDrone~ controlled by Korg’s nanoKontrol2 MIDI controller.

Moonbeam? (title & work in progress)

This piece is a compliment to Sunbeam, exploring other possibilities using the aaf.nanoDrone~ digital instrument.

Freesound API Piece (in progress)

This piece will use the API in order to download and play sounds using audience members text input from a webpage. The piece is in it’s initial stages, but the developmental process will look something like:

  1. Set up Freesound API in order to download samples based on text input locally.
  2. Set up a connection between MaxMSP on my local machine and a client to be able to receive text.
  3. Create client side UI. Include embedded stream on client side UI.
  4. Test the limitations for number of users, latency, etc., and debug.
  5. Run a test performance.

Rhythmic Max Patch Piece (in progress)