Performed by Alexias Ferrer | Scrolling Score Video

Year: 2018 | Duration: 8′ | Solo Piano


Wall-To-Wall is an energetic piece for solo piano that explores and develops a chord progression consisting of seven chords in specific inversions. The idea of development however is subverted, unlike traditional music where the main idea of a piece is stated clearly at the beginning before the variation of it takes place, because a complete statement of the progression is presented only at the very end of the work. This lends the direction of the music to be guided by forces which cannot be immediately understood by the audience, but become more and more familiar as the piece progresses. The quickly changing phrases, time signatures, and aggressive dynamic changes help to exaggerate this uncertainty help to drive the solo forward. The form can be characterized by its symmetrical structure which contains a slow section directly in the middle of the piece, and works its way back out towards the beginning where the piece concludes with a dramatic climax.

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