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Year: 2020 | Duration: 5′ | 2-Channel Fixed Media


Submerged is a composition written with The Freesound Player that explores a single filter and its relationship to the imagery evoked by the samples returned with it. The Freesound Player is a digital instrument I have created that uses the web-API to compose music. The piece was created by searching both “deep” and “harmonic” using a duration of 5-30 seconds, and only the ac depth filter with a filter value range of 75-100. Using the ac depth filter, the imagery of an underwater voyage in a submarine is evoked using only the deepest sounding samples for each search. To construct the form of the piece, the output from Max MSP was sent into Studio One 4 and recorded. Two recordings were taken for each search, yielding four tracks total. The recordings were improvised using sounds that were similar in character for each return, such as longer drone-like samples or noisy samples that sound similar to a radio, and layered on top of each other. Once the tracks were recorded, the volume was then appropriately balanced between them, since several samples were exceptionally loud inside the Max environment.