Mixing and Mastering

Get a single track, EP, or full album mixed and mastered. The final mix or master will be ready for release on the platform(s) of your choice and will be unaffected by dynamic compression algorithms (the optimal dynamic range for most platforms is -14 dB LUFS). Previous works include:

  • Acoustic Music
  • Electroacoustic and Acousmatic Music
  • Contemporary Classical Music
  • Experimental Music
  • Popular Music

Have you already begun mixing or mastering your tracks? I can work from existing projects in the following DAW’s:

  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One Professional
  • Ableton Suite
  • Reaper 64
  • Pro Tools

Time Frame

The usual time frame for mixes and masters is 2-4 weeks.


Rate varies with length and number of tracks, but $100-250 per track is the starting point for most projects.

Sample Work

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