Mass Mind

Performed by Hannah Rice

Year: 2019 | Duration: 6′ | Soprano and Live Electronics

Full score available on Scores page


Mass mind is a composition for soprano and live electronics. The basic premise for the piece is that the singers voice accompanies itself through the implementation of a canon consisting of between 5 and 8 voices. These voices randomly move around the performance space and are processed in a variety of ways. The most fundamental processing effects are tremolo, flanger, comb filter, chorus, and reverb. The title of the work is in reference to the collective conscience, where the entire collective structure is birthed from a single origin. In the context of this work, that origin is the voice.

Technical Requirements

Mass Mind has a stereo output and can accommodate either a stereo or mono input. Manipulating the input is achieved using a MIDI controller which has 8 knobs for adjusting the effects parameters and 8 sliders that adjust the gain of each effect. The gain may be previously adjusted to a fixed level and controlled using half as many knobs, or presets may be created using the preset function in the patch. The presets (if created in order of their occurrence in the piece) may be changed by pressing the space bar.