Light Pushes Through

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Year: 2021 | Duration: 60′ | Aerial Silks, Dancers, and Live Electronics and Projections


Light Pushes Through is a collaborative multi-media, multi disciplinary performance consisting of dance, aerial, physical theatre, original music performed live, and projections on oak trees. The premiere took place in 2021 in the Enchanted Forest at Louisiana State University. When we are surrounded by darkness… Light Pushes Through!

LSU Physical Theatre: Nick Erickson, director
Assistant Director: Matthew Sauber
Choreography: Claudio Ribeiro, Paige Jarreau
Music Created & Performed by: Austin Franklin, Jesse Allison
Costume Consultant: Suellen Coelho
Dancers: Rebekah Fayard, Seanelle Higgins, Carolyn Hundley, Morgan Khashou, Georgia Krieger, Kennedy Monroe, Lauren Montgomery, Kaitly Odell, Jessica Speziale
Aerialists: Kendall Berry, Rian Briscoe, Ashlynn Gremillion, Paige Jarreau, Mya Orantes, Macy Marionneaux
Physical Theatre: Lani Daniels, Jana Russo, Olivia Sanders, Sophia Sercovich