Performed by the LSU Percussion Group, Hamiruge

Year: 2019 | Duration: 5′ | Percussion Quartet


  • Each of the players for ImPULSE should have four unique sounds. The instrument type is defined in the legend below, but the specific quality of each type is left up to the player.
  • The instrument types are divided into three categories: skin, wood, and metal
  • The players should choose their instruments according to their position on the staff in relation to the other 3 instruments, i.e., higher instruments on the staff should be higher in pitch than lower instruments on the staff.
  • If a player wishes, they may divide a single line across a variety of instruments of the same type, or may choose a specific instrument of the same type to suit a particular passage.


ImPULSE was written for an aleatoric set of non-pitched percussion instruments, chosen by the performers according to only a few instructions given in the score. The piece is composed in two parts, held together by a somewhat constant quarter note pulse, from which the title is derived. This pulse grows in intensity until the very end of the piece where it creates the final climax. The score can be viewed and purchased through C. Alan Publications.