Performed by Micheal Barnes
Schematic for Technical Setup

Year: 2022 | Duration: 7′ | Snare Drum and Reflexive Electronics

Full score available on Scores page


I/O for snare drum and reflexive electronics begins with a single two note idea that is developed and transformed over the duration of the piece. This idea is developed differently depending on whether the snares are turned on or off on the drum. When they are on, the character more closely resembles a drum- core or traditional playing style, and when they are off it becomes improvisational and explosive. The electronics also behave differently depending on whether the snares are on or off. It is this concept of duality that is expressed throughout the work, held together by a single short melodic idea.

Performance Notes

The following notation is used throughout the piece:

Technical Requirements

  • Two-channel audio interface
  • 1 large diaphragm microphones
  • Loudspeakers (stereo is preferred)
  • Video projector (optional)
  • Computer Running Max/MSP Patch

The electronic sounds used in the piece come solely from the live input to the microphone. There are no triggers for the individual sections, and no MIDI keyboard or instrument is required. Instead, the processing is controlled via specific musical parameters. The resulting sound is not notated in the score since it will sound different for repeat performances.


Micheal Barnes