Year: 2020 | Duration: 5′ | 2-Channel Fixed Media


Composer and sound artist Austin Franklin releases his first full-length album, Four Idols, a collection of electroacoustic works. Four Idols is inspired by Francis Bacon’s philosophy of the four idols of the mind, which are errors of thinking and judgement caused by flawed reasoning, philosophical bias, ill and unfit words, and personal experiences. Each piece was created using a unique set of instruments, controllers, and digital signal processing techniques. Many familiar instruments are used, such as crystal glasses, cymbals, synthesizers, a cajon, and disklavier. It draws influence from multiple electronic music genres, such as ambient and drone-based music, glitch and noise music. Four Idols synthesizes these musical and philosophical ideas and creates a unifying musical language that centers between improvisation and process, rhythm and texture, and noise and beauty.